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Shanghai Yongsheng Auxiliaries Factory is the earliest electroplating additive factory in Shanghai. To revitalize the Chinese nation and develop national industry, our company always takes advanced foreign surface treatment technology as the objective, and develops high-performance electroplating additives and metal surface treating agents.

Yongsheng products are quality, special and novel. After technical evaluation and detection of authorities, our potassium chloride zinc-plating brightener has reached advanced level at home and abroad, and nickel-plating brightener comes out top.

3#, 5# nickel rack plating brightener and 100 #, 200 # nickel barrel plating brightener enjoy high reputation in the industry due to rapid bright dipping, white and bright plating and less decomposition products. Recently, we further improved the nickel-plating process and developed 4# nickel rack plating brightener and 300# nickel barrel plating brightener with higher cost performance. In addition, we first started battery case deep-hole nickel barrel plating process.

In recent years, our factory has developed 207 and 209 acid copper brighteners which have the same quality as the imported brightener and lower price. ZP-5 galvanized passive film greatly improves salt spray test time and doesn’t change the passive film color. 3HC-25 efficient low current corrosion-free hard chromium additive has current efficiency up to 25% and white and bright plating, and can save RMB50,000 of electricity per ton of chromic anhydride. 4HC decorative chromium plating additive has high covering power, bright plating and stable process; CZ-03 high-performance potassium chloride zinc-plating brightener has plating with better brightness and dispersibility, high covering power and reduced consumption, and can save zinc plate and electric charge. HW high temperature levelling agent and MO and HW-5 emulsifiers reduce the cost of potassium chloride zinc-plating brightener prepared by users. N-1 copper acid pickling brightener is used for brightening acid pickling of brass and red copper pieces, doesn’t need nitric acid, and generates less yellow smoke of nitric oxides; AP-1 aluminum yellow-smoke-free chemical polishing process removes nitric acid in the original formula and completely eliminates yellow smoke in the aluminum polishing process.


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